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Almost forgot!

Oh, so, before I forget again, I thought that maybe I should mention that there has been a slight shifting in the dynamics of our group since the last time I was online. :3 For anyone who is interested, I'll put the explanation under

As I mention in my last little post, Melody is now in England and she'll be here until the end of the Autumn term at the University of Reading. Being so far away from each other for nearly four months didn't really appeal to anyone and some wanted to go on the trip while others wanted to stay, so we decided to change things a little.

The night before she left, we held a little ceremony where all of the couples were able to make sure they wouldn't be separated. It was very sweet, and everyone's was very different. X3 Anyway, we had decided beforehand who was going and who was staying. Myself and Cam, along with Kieran, Gabriel, Matt, Toby, Corin, and Daemyon all now all over here with Melody. Keith, Zac, Roger, Simon, Josh, and Shy are all at home in Las Vegas with Misty. It's a rather odd feeling but it's certainly better than the alternative.

So far, it doesn't look like anyone who isn't used to fronting on this side has come out yet. Toby is definitely the least comfortable still, though Matt is making up for him, and Kieran seems content to just stick by Gabriel wherever he is. Cam hasn't really fronted either, though he has butted in on some of my writing. X3 We'll see if any of that changes. Also, I doubt the arrangement is permanent but it seems to work well enough so far.

And there you have it!

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