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With 1,000 sweet kisses...

Cover me?

1 January
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Tell me anything, tell me everything -

Just say it sweet. ♥

Um, okay, let's see. My name is Kaleb. Technically I'm "male" but I've been told that I'm much more gender female and I think I agree. It's not that I don't like being a boy - I'm very comfortable in my body. I just don't fit the typical definition of male, if that makes sense. And though I haven't, I'm pretty sure I could be comfortable dressing as a woman - not because I want to be one, but because I think it could be fun and kind of liberating in a way.

By now it shouldn't shock you that I'm gay. And I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me and would do anything for me and I'm so grateful he found me. Everyday, I'm so grateful. ♥

I do have some... issues, I guess, that may come up, but generally I don't like to talk about that stuff so it shouldn't be a problem. If I do feel the need to... go into any of that, it will most likely be set on a private filter anyway, so please don't let it scare you away.

I am fairly shy, and I guess kind of easily embarrassed, but I'd really like to meet new people. Just be patient with me? ♥

Oh, um, I also tend to use hearts a lot so... be warned?